Recycle Pens to Raise Money

Send in your old pens, markers and
mechanical pencils to be recycled  

You no longer have to throw away those empty pens and dried up markers! Collinswood is now a site to recycle writing instruments! Our school will earn 2 cents for every piece we turn in!!  We can collect the following writing instruments:

  • Pens and pen caps
  • Mechanical Pencils
  • Markers and marker caps
  • Highlighters and highlighter caps
  • Permanent markers and permanent marker caps

Our recycled writing instruments will be turned into brand new plastic items. We'll have a box to collect them in the workroom. Please start collecting at home! An old tissue box would be perfect for you to use to collect these items!! (How green!!) And, isn't this a great time to go through that box of old markers at your house?

Questions? Contact Ms. Fergusson at