New Collinswood Teachers

Date Posted: 8/9/2016

Please join us in welcoming the following new staff members for 2017-2018:

Andrea Peralta-1st grade

Ms. Peralta joins us from Grier Academy where she taught 1st grade. She will be teaching English and also speaks Spanish. She spent time this summer in Mexico visiting family.

Sujin Hughes-2nd grade

Ms. Hughes joins us all the way from Gyeonggi Suwon International School, South Korea, where she taught ESL, Art and 2nd grade. She is returning to NC, her second home, with her husband and family.  (Ms. Spencer is moving up to teach sixth-grade ELA)

Johnny Lopez-2nd grade

Sr. Lopez joins us from Selwyn Elementary and will be teaching Spanish. He spent time this summer visiting family in Nicaragua. (Sra. Alarcon is moving up to third grade)

Laura Bigby-4th grade

Ms. Bigby joins us from Prescott Elementary in Chicago, Illinois. She will be teaching English but also speaks Spanish. She lived in Argentina when she was a child.   

Jairo Gaviria-5th grade

Sr. Gaviria joins us from Colombia, South America. He is returning to Collinswood for a second tour with VIF. He previously taught fourth grade at Collinswood.

Yeffer Corro-7/8 math

Sr. Corro is joining us from Chatham Middle School in Siler City, NC,  where he taught middle school math in their Dual-Language program. He hails from Venezuela and comes with EPI.

Liz Jenkins-EC

Ms. Jenkins joins us from Eagleside Elementary in Colorado Springs. She too is returning home to North Carolina and to Collinswood as a staff member.

In addition, several staff members have moved to new positions within the school: Ms. Spencer will teach sixth-grade ELA, Ms. Alarcon and Ms. Chavez will teach third-grade on the Spanish side, Ms. Flores is moving to first-grade on the Spanish side, and Ms. Ostoits and Ms. DeLuca (former middle school facilitator) will teach ESL. Finally, former sixth-grade teacher Valerie Glenn is our new Dean of Students. She will join the administrative team and assist with supporting student discipline, state testing and teacher observations and coaching.

Also, in some bittersweet news, music teacher Kristen McGuirk recently announced that she has accepted a position as a Facilitator at East Mecklenburg High School.  Ms. McGuirk has long wanted to move into school leadership, and we know this is a great opportunity for her. But we will miss her tremendously! Ms. Pearsall hopes to fill the position soon.

Finally, congratulations to Ms. Dechere Campbell who is our new head custodian. 

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