About Collinswood PTA

Welcome to Collinswood Language Academy!

Collinswood is a wonderful, diverse and loving place where students of all backgrounds grow and thrive. We are a dual immersion school, which means some of our students speak English at home and others speak Spanish at home, and they learn from each other! Our students are fully bilingual and biliterate in both languages by the time they graduate from Collinswood in eighth grade.

We were the first dual language school in North Carolina, and we are a national model of excellence in public education. Every year, dozens of educators from across the country visit our school to learn about our program and our strategies for success.

Over the past several years, we have won numerous awards and been written about in national publications. In 2014, Magnet Schools of America selected Collinswood as one of the top five magnet schools in the country! Our test scores are also some of the highest in CMS, and we are one of few schools that has come close to closing the achievement gap among racial and socio-economical groups.


About the Collinswood Parent/Teacher Association (PTA)

The PTA is active at Collinswood Language Academy. The PTA’s general purpose is to support our students and staff in maximizing all areas of learning by organizing and sponsoring special events and field trips, holding fundraisers to purchase special items and equipment that our school would not ordinarily have (i.e. Technology, special school celebrations, visuals, Spanish literature etc.) and coordinating parent volunteers for various school related functions inside and outside the classroom (I.e. Cookie Crunch, Sip N’Sob, Fall Festival, Helping Hands, field trips, class celebrations, campus beautification, Father –Daughter Dance, Mother-Son Event, etc). The PTA also promotes positive interactions among our families and school community.

You are urged to join and participate in PTA activities. Meetings will be announced and are open to the entire school community. We anticipate a great and productive year under the leadership of an enthusiastic, energetic, and active PTA. Please become a member of the Collinswood PTA. Once joining, parents will have the opportunity to receive monthly PTA emails and the option to join the PTA’s Facebook page. You can also follow our school on Twitter.