Give your child the gift of a second language

If you have a rising kindergartner for the 2022-2023 school year, we would like to invite you to one of our Open Houses this fall and winter. Our Open Houses are designed to answer all of your questions about the benefits of our amazing dual language Spanish immersion magnet program! 


2021 Open House Dates 


Come visit our school and meet with our staff,
parents and students and see for yourself
the amazing gift dual language can be for your child!


Collinswood is a K-8 public magnet school located at 5621 Flagstaff Drive in Charlotte, NC. Students receive instruction in both English and Spanish and are fully bi-lingual and bi-literate by the time they graduate eighth grade. In 2014, Magnet Schools of America selected Collinswood as one of the top five magnet schools in the country. The school’s test scores are some of the highest in CMS, and it is also one of few schools that has come close to closing the achievement gap among racial and socio-economical groups.

As the first dual language school in North Carolina, Collinswood has been recognized locally, nationally and internationally for its student’s high academic success, commitment to diversity, and quality of program. From kindergarten to eighth grade, Collinswood provides a challenging and loving environment to help every child grow and thrive.          

Benefits of a Dual Language Program:

  • Improved listening, memory, and problem solving skills that give bilingual students a boost on standardized tests
  • Greater cognitive development in the areas of mental flexibility, creativity, divergent thinking, and higher order thinking skills
  • Deeper understanding, appreciation and respect for other languages and cultures
  • Advanced language skills for future academic and career opportunities


How Do I Enroll?

Your Step-by-Step guide to the Magnet School Lottery

  1. Enroll in CMS. You can do this by bringing the required documentaion to any CMS school. See complete instructions here: Note that CMS sets deadlines for registering (usually the fall) to be eligible for the First School Options Lottery.  Those deadlines are posted here:
  2. CMS will send you a personalized confirmation letter in the mail.  The letter will contain your student Identification and PIN numbers, as well as instructions to apply for the lottery online.  If you don’t receive that letter, please call 980-343-5335.
  3.  The online lottery will let you choose three magnet schools.  Make sure that you put your first choice down as #1.  If you are applying to a high-demand school that has a wait list, putting it down as your second or third choice will not make a difference, because that school's seats will be filled by everyone who put it down as a first choice. Please check the “key dates” page of the CMS School Placement’s website for the deadline to make lottery selections.
  4. Lottery notificaiton letters are usually sent home in late January.  That’s when you’ll find out if you got in!
  5. If you did not get into your #1 choice, you will be placed on the wait list for that school (even if you got in to another one of your choices).
  6. Schools receive their wait lists in mid-June and will start calling students and admitting them over the summer. The school should be able to tell you at that time what number you are on the wait list. In a typical year, we fill about 15 spots at Collinswood from our wait list.


Questions about this process? Call Collinswood parent liaison Vickiana Cummings at 980-343-5820.



“At Collinswood, the teachers expected us to be best of the best, and learning in Spanish and English was very challenging for me. But looking back now, I feel like I had the best education of all my high school friends. Collinswood also opened my mind to the world and different cultures, and I liked that I had friends there of all races and economic statuses and from different parts of the city and the world. To this day, I think I’m able to relate to all different types of people because of what I learned at Collinswood.”

– Jarvis Arrington, student body president at South Mecklenburg High School