Room Parent Information

What is a "room parent"?

A room parent is a fantastic and unique opportunity to get to know and to serve your child's teacher in ways that he or she will greatly appreciate. As the primary liaison between the teachers and students' families, room parents help reinforce the idea that teachers, parents, and the administration work as a team to meet students’ needs and make Collinswood Language Academy a great school.

The key to being an effective room parent is communication: communication with the teacher to understand his/her needs and communication with parents to coordinate filling the teachers needs. Your job is not to DO all the work but to delegate! You provide a direct link between parents and the classroom. We couldn't have such a strong school without your efforts.

All classrooms require a room parent. You may find it helpful to share the job with another parent.

Why should I be a room parent?

  1. You will get to know your child's teacher better than any other parent! You will have plenty of opportunities to interact with your child's teacher directly.
  2. Your child will think you are so cool for helping with all the classroom parties!
  3. You will get to know many other class parents (and students) with whom you may not have otherwise interacted.


Contact our Room Parent coordinator: Guadalupe Quintanilla