What do I need to do as a room parent?

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1. Create a classroom contact list.

Send a letter introducing yourself to the class and asking parents to send you their names, phone numbers and email addresses. Create a class contact list and distribute it to all the parents in your class.


2. Serve as the liasion with the teacher

You are the direct link between your classroom teacher and the other parents in the class. Stay in touch with the teacher to see what he or she needs. You may be asked to organize a snack schedule, ask parents to send in specific supplies or recruit volunteers to help in the classroom.

3. Help coordinate three classroom parties

The second responsibility is to help the teacher and other parent volunteers coordinate three classroom parties throughout the year. The classroom parties take place in December (winter celebration), February (friendship celebration) and June (end of year celebration). Remember, your job is not to DO all the work, but enlist the help of others!

4. Organize efforts to celebrate/thank your teacher

Teacher birthdays - The room parent coordinator will let you know when your teacher and assistant teacher have a birthday. Your job is to let the other parents know when those dates are coming up. You can either organize a class gift or encourage parents/students to make cards and send gifts on their own.

Teacher appreciation - The PTA does a lot of celebrate and thank our teachers and staff during teacher appreciation week. We may ask you to find volunteers to cover their classroom so they can be treated to a special lunch. You may also want to organize a group gift from the class.

Holiday gifts - You are welcome to organize a class gift for your teacher and assistant teacher at the holidays but it's not required.


Questions? Contact Room Parent Coordinator Guadalupe Quintanilla.